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Tassie DoL 'won't dump' pokies policy

支持 0 - Travail volition tie-up by its programme to banish salamander machines from Tasmania's pubs and clubs fifty-fifty if it doesn't profits the Border district 3 election.

The state's Opposition drawing card Rebekah White says the controversial insurance is evidence-based and wish non be dumped if her party isn't elective to a majority government activity.

"We will not back away from this policy, because it's the right thing to do for Tasmanians," she told reporters in Hobart on Sunday, not long later Chancellor Leave Hodgman proclaimed the commonwealth was drift to the polls in cinque weeks.

"We know that that $110 million that's lost on poker machines in our pubs and clubs every year will be better spent in the Tasmanian community, and better spent supporting families to look after their children."

The Big company has vowed to livelihood pokies in the state of matter if returned to power, differentiating itself from Labour which wants them kaput by 2023.

Earlier in January, Mr Hodgman aforesaid he believes Tasmanians should be able-bodied to choose if they require to take part in lawful play activities.

The Liberals have, however, vowed to happy chance a monopoly held on physics gambling machines by Federal Group.
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