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criminal justice reform$2,000,000,000 - The amount of money that JP Morgan has admitted that it will lose from derivatives trades gone bad. Many analysts are convinced that the real number will really end up being much higher.

Well I read the speech and it just seemed to me about half way through that he was saying "I " an awful lot so I decided to count how many times he referred to himself. It was more interesting than the speech. It was 57 times including a couple of "my" 's. Which didnt really surprise me, since President Obama does have this tendency to think its all about him except when he is surprised when Congress tells him it isnt.

Neil Abercrombie is a staunch opponent of things such as the Bush tax cuts, most free trade agreements, the death penalty, the war in Iraq. In fact he was a main co-sponsor of the Homeward Bound Act that would basically bring our troops home within sixty days. Abercrombie consistently receives an F from most pro-business, anti-tax organizations such as Freedom Works, the National Taxpayers Union, etc. as noted on Project VoteSmart. My point is that you can't claim that Abercrombie appears to be in the pocket of corporations unless he's an awesome double agent.

My Democrat neighbors are stressed out over making ends meet and want criminal justice reform, they want Bush impeached, they want Chaney and Rove in prison, they want people to pay for their actions and to be held accountable for crimes against our Nation.

"Even though we're very practiced at inaugurations and large events, this is one that will rewrite the book on inaugurations" said (D) Eleanor Norton of DC - who has requested an ADDITIONAL $15 MILLION from Congress to help the city pay the costs of the inauguration. That would DOUBLE the $15 Million Congress has already allocated to pay for the event. She believes that the total costs to the city could run close to $50 Million! Which, by the way, is the same amount that Congress allocated to both Denver and St. Paul to host the Republican and Democratic conventions earlier this year.

Nicole Sanders, executive marketing director for KHart Consultants. She and fellow KHart employee Michael Ward circulated one petition each. Mr. Daily made no showing that the Eck for Senate campaign employed Khart.

That the current decline is not a surprise to my readers or many thousands of followers world wide. Today's decline percentages are only basic expected or "new normal" volatility factors from the April warnings of expanding volatility for ALL markets! Large price swings, more whip.
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