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In Today's Job Market Networking Is The Key To Success

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The article itself, at the time of this writing, had 19 comments. There were numerous more through various LinkedIn groups, and I wanted to share those thoughts with readers.

One site that is all about Business networking is LinkedIn, which has over 30 million users. So if you're not on there, you should be! This is a free site that let's you network with and promote your company to other professionals.

Free - Because it works and is free many people choose to use a blog to build their business. You just have to find the right platform to use to build your blog and then get it set up.

Be prepared - Before the interview you need to do your homework. First, review their site to become as familiar as you can with their company. Do more than a cursory review; truly spend some time to see who they are, what they stand for, and most importantly how you feel you can help. Also, do some research about them on social media via their Facebook accounts, Twitter, and LinkedIn. What does it tell you about them?

Send a personal greeting card, in the mail, not an e-card. Send a humorous card with a note inside mentioning a mutual interest, i.e. fishing, or wine. They will remember you.

Whether we realize it or not, when we come into contact with people for the first time, we are making unconscious impressions the whole time. We can take a advantage of these impressions if we pay attention to them.

Recommendations. Don't brush off the Recommendations section of your profile. This is where you put glowing testimonials from former business associates, clients and other contacts who value your work. Once you add these people to your the full details, send them a message asking for a recommendation. Doing so can help sell prospects on you and your company.

Before we get into the actual specifics about successful Linkedin employment job hunting hunting, let's talk about the basics of online branding and how it can mean the difference between being the laughingstock of the recruiting class or being chosen to receive a job offer.

Exude Happiness Despite Negative Headlines. Maintain a positive attitude and demeanor online and offline. Confidence is attractive; being in a slump isn't. Get excited about the opportunity you're going to land. That sales skill excitement will rub off on the people around you so refine your communication skills online and offline. It'll make the job search process fun and using proper, professional etiquette makes you stand out amongst the desperate masses.
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