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Statistical Glance into Pharmaceutical Packaging Machinery Market

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Influence of Global Financial Crisis over Packaging Industry Market

Financial crisis had great impact in packaging industry as survey reports conducted during 2008 shows that considerable decrease in demand can be found in global market. However, after some positive changes there has been good demand for wrapping machines worldwide with 5.2% or average growth witnessed in countries like USA.

Average Statistics of Packaging Market for Drug Delivery

Since the past few years due to verpakkingsmachines ( impeccable technical advancements have been inserted into packaging machine designs. Especially, the demand for fast and safe drug delivery in several parts of the world has increased the expectation for smart machines for packaging in pharmaceutical market.

Changes accompanied with Demands

Packaging equipments for medicine industry were designed in diversified ways considering the requirements. For example, customized devices have been introduced matching the different requirements from medicine sector to suit packaging type, compatibility of climatic condition from which medicines are produced and packed, container varieties, etc. The overall market is expected to face tremendous growth by the year 2018.

How 2013 had been for Pharmaceutical Packaging Market?

There has been good improvement in packaging industry market. Packaging process has been classified in new terms like filling, sealing, labelling, coding, wrapping and arranging in carton boxes, etc. Apart from that automatic machines for scanning the packed product and rejection of contaminated products, have replaced the need for traditional packaging and developed demand for latest equipments from different machine manufacturers around the world.

Labelling Machines -Creation of New Standards in Packaging Market

Labelling part of pharmaceutical industry holds exclusive procedures unlike the one that is followed for other kinds of products. Automatic self adhesive vertical labelling machine is one among the latest secondary packaging devices in pharma sector that remains exclusive for labelling vials.

Supportive Equipments for Pharma Packaging

The inception of supportive equipments including Track and trace system, washing and cleaning machine to clean vials, powder filling machine and liquid filling equipment, etc have made incredible changes in packaging process. These reasons have encouraged medicine companies worldwide to invest in primary as well as supportive machineries for fast, clean, and productive packaging results.

Prominent Reasons for Increase gebruikte verpakkingsmachines ( in Demand

There are certain obvious reasons for the increase in demand for pharma packaging machines in the past few years. Since, the necessity for food and medicine have increased worldwide, many countries started showing interest in producing medicines in their own place. This has created reliable opportunity for making profit in economic investment.

Packaging Machinery for Pharmaceutical Industry from India

India has become of the top suppliers of packaging machines for medicine companies worldwide. NKP Pharma, a principal pharmaceutical packaging machine manufacturer in India supplies supporting equipments for packaging, sealing and labelling. We also supply single head vial sealing machine, track and trace system for printing and labelling on carton boxes to help medicine industries with economic packaging options.


Packaging machinery has a great demand in recent years when compared to previous years which were hit by financial crisis. The advent of newer technologies is one of the main reasons that encourage pharmaceutical sector to opt for latest form of machines.

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