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You, Me And Lords Mobile Review: The Truth

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A Review of the Game

lords mobile hack downloadLords Mobile is a sport that ended up surprising me. Most of us know the expression. Well I'm adding to this: never judge a game.

For whatever reason, the programmer stocked the opening of this match with the players repetitiously digging through menus. There were a couple minutes at which I got to see a battle unfold, however each of them played out on their own. Once those struggle sections ended, it was right back into opening up a menu, hitting "upgrade," closing the menu, and utilizing the free immediate upgrade capability to complete the timer for that particular upgrade.

I had been stuck watching the battles unfold on their own.

The game directed me in menu to menu, upgrading so many buildings that I stopped paying attention to the particulars and just went straight for the "upgrade" button and then the "free" button to complete off the update. This sort of job is typical (although to a lesser level) in many mobile strategy games, but Lords Mobile has taken it to an extreme. One or two examples of the way to complete an upgrade is fine, but a dozen or so back-to-back is dull, and patient players than myself will check from the game before they even get to play it.

Fortunately I stuck around and discovered Lords Mobile's saving grace: its own Hero battles.

In the event that you were paying attention during the large scale fight sequences at the beginning of the game, you'll have noticed that hero units direct the armies. Heroes can not just gather, but they can take their set of personalities on side quests that involve strategically using each hero's unique special abilities during combat and battling waves of enemies.

Loot gathered from such battles is used to update the heroes' stats, and the heroes can level up farther, permitting them to advance against enemy groups, since the participant levels up their account.

I was amazed by how much I enjoyed the hero mode, when I halfheartedly tapped away at menus.

Aim and the protagonist battles taking place in real-time, combined with the necessity to frequently summon exceptional abilities at moments, stands in stark contrast. Because the hero mode is merely a side attraction and not the main focus (building a town to compete with others in a multiplayer universe), it is not a completely fleshed-out encounter. But I was happy to play it, as it not only gave me an energetic role in battle (that is something the larger scale battles lacked), but since it didn't involve me mindlessly updating more buildings.

The remaining part of the match became busy-work once I found the hero mode. I'd check in with my city before leaping into tackle a few assignments, and then check my town. I was supposed to be analyzing my defenses, checking out what my neighbors were around, etc. But I did not care about that. I've done that stuff in games before Lords Mobile that repeat and the familiarity held interest. I wanted to go tackle some more creature fights and collect heroes.

Lords Mobile's hero mode gets a thumb up. The developers have the right idea of how to create an enjoyable game they just need to cut down the fat that slows the rest of the match down.
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